Chad has been teaching yoga since 1998. He is certified in numerous schools of yoga and brings this knowledge and insight to the various roles he plays here at Wanderlust Hollywood.

As Director of Yoga, Chad assists the highly talented teachers at Wanderlust Hollywood realize their greatest teaching potential. He draws from the deep pool of yoga talent across Los Angeles and brings them all under one roof.

What will distinguish Wanderlust style vinyasa from its brothers and sisters in LA is Wanderlust teachers’ particularly close attention to alignment and detail, coupled with a creative and progressive approach to sequencing. On one hand, there will be nothing new about Wanderlust style classes. On the other hand, students who first encounter Wanderlust classes should feel that they’ve never found anything else quite like it.

What exactly makes a Wanderlust teacher? What makes a Wanderlust class? These pearls of wisdom are discovered in the Wanderlust Teacher Intensive. As co-leader of the Teacher Intensives Chad helps existing teachers learn, at the deepest level, the art of teaching a Wanderlust Yoga Class and all of its component parts.

As curator of Yoga Workshops and Teacher Residencies, Chad searches for the most sought-after teachers in LA and beyond, inviting some of the most recognized names in the fields of yoga to bring their insight and wisdom to Wanderlust Hollywood.


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