Chad Dennis, with almost 30 years of experience, has something to fit your needs and capture your target audience.

Whether you’re a yoga studio owner/manager who would like to re-educate your teaching staff, expand your workshop and teacher training offerings or a business owner/human resources director who would like to implement and offer a yoga/meditation/wellness component to your guests and/or employees. Having started his Yogic path as a Karmi (action/service) over three decades ago mopping floors, folding blankets, cleaning mats and scrubbing toilets, in return for mentoring under some of most renowned teachers in the world, to now being  known as one. Read more below.

Over the span of three decades since this initiation Chad has played every imaginable role in the yoga studio and fitness world. Designing class programs and schedules from the the ground up for both brand new as well as established studios. Helping studios identify and increase their financial base by offering regularly scheduled Teacher Intensives, Trainings and Specialized Focused Workshops that incorporate both the ancient arts as well as the most cutting edge up-to-date techniques. Perhaps most importantly Chad helps build a sense of community.

Over the last 30 years Chad has taught and consulted some of the most successful and forward-thinking companies in the world. Whether your looking to introduce Chad and his highly trained team of teachers into weekly yoga classes at your company or are looking to harness the extensive years of experience in the wellness world into your company’s campaign Chad has the direct insight and expertise to make your classes and ideas both impactful and successful.

Chad has taught some of the most powerful and successful individuals in the world. He prides himself in maintaining absolute anonymity and privacy. Whatever your personal or group needs Chad and his team of highly knowledgable teachers will help you on your yoga path of self-discovery and empowerment.