Every moment of every day, There’s the Yoga practice. (the hour or so we’re on the mat) and there’s the application of that practice that happens throughout the other 23 hours of the day. At this point Yoga is completely interwoven into the fabric of my life- it’s up there with eating and sleeping. Yoga helps bring me-my body, my mind, my breath and my emotions- back into balance.

Q. Why do you Teach?

Teaching others is an honor and an privilege. As yoga teachers, we truly have the capacity to help shape and shift others’ lives. I don’t take that for granted.


Q. How would you describe your approach to the yoga practice?

Dynamic, Intelligently and artfully sequenced, alignment-oriented Vinyasa.

I have always pushed boundaries; always been a dreamer , a mover, an artist and creator- for me Yoga is just an extension of all those things. I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost 30 years, teaching for 20. Creating and designing a new class is not much different to creating a new work of art. It requires real focus, and I become completely absorbed with the task at hand.